Meet Silvana

Silvana3profileHello. Nice to meet you!

I feel in love with photography when I was still learning how to read. It was in the same place where I became fascinated with other cultures traditions and the beauty of our planet. That fascinating place, that enchanted me and provided hours of entertainment, was National Geographic Magazine. My father had a subscription probably even before I was born, because as I remember those magazines was in our home always.

Remembering looking through those colorful pages full of wonder, brings a warm and joyful feeling to my heart. When I started reading I would write little notes on the magazine (to my father’s dismay) about the photographs that was liked or disliked. A photographer in training, I say. 🙂 For me a photograph is more than just an image. It is a “magical” portal to the past, to a moment that will never come back; unless you are taken there again. That is what we do, we create that “magical” portal for you. Where you can visit your most important moments in time, over and over again.